Greber - Fright Without LP

Greber - Fright Without LP

Released in collaboration with 7 Degrees Records, Ancient Temple Recordings, Fresh Outbreak Records and No Funeral Records

Pressing Info:

270 x Translucent Red with Black Splatter

130 x Opaque Red with Black Splatter

"Fright Without is a handleless staircase that disorients as much as it overwhelms. Our testament to suffering and hope, balance and woe, heaven and here. With Kurt Ballou lending his abilities to the mix we’re beyond happy with how the final product came to sound and we hope that the listener finds it to be as much of an escape as they do a confrontation."


US orders available exclusively through Hibernation Release

Canadian orders available through No Funeral Records HERE


Ancient Temple Recordings HERE

European orders available through 7 Degrees Records HERE

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